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News and publications - Customs and Global Trade

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Date posted: 11/04/2017
9 recent articles from Russell Wiese on Customs and Global Trade matters Read more
Date posted: 22/06/2016
At recent industry events the Australian Border Force (ABF) shared its customs compliance focus for the coming year. An area that has been earmarked for attention is customs valuation. The ABF are focusing on costs, in addition to the invoice price, which need to be included in the customs value. Below we set out what you as an importer can do to limit the risk of customs non-compliance. Read more
Date posted: 08/02/2016
A variety of decisions ranging from the Full Federal Court to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal have been handed down over the past month, which demonstrates the complicated environment in which customs brokers and forwarders operate. Being aware of the issues raised in these cases is the first step in managing the legal risks facing you and your clients. Read more
Date posted: 10/12/2015
The Free Trade Agreement between Australia and China will commence on 20 December bringing with it an immediate round of tariff cuts and a further round of cuts on 1 January 2016. With only 11 days’ notice of commencement, importers and exporters need to act quickly to prepare. Read more
Date posted: 06/11/2015
After being kept secret for years, the wording of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has now finally been released. The wording contains practical guidance for traders on how to use the TPP. Read more
Date posted: 14/10/2015
When the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is implemented, well over 50% of Australia's trade in goods will be potentially covered by free trade agreements. However, free trade does not mean risk free trade. A company's ability to utilise ChAFTA in a compliant manner may heavily depend on the involvement of in-house counsel. This represents a great opportunity for the legal team to facilitate both lower trade costs and supply chain efficiencies. Read more
Date posted: 06/10/2015
Negotiators have announced that an agreement has been reached regarding the terms of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a regional trade agreement potentially covering 40% of global GDP. However, from an Australian trade in goods perspective, the TPP outcomes will be nominal, and possibility negative for our exporters. Read more
Date posted: 30/09/2015
September has highlighted the wide variety of issues that customs professionals must consider in the areas of classification, the Trusted Trader Programme, anti-dumping duties, the process for appealing decisions by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and broker licensing. Our update considers each of this issues and the impact for customs professionals. Read more
Date posted: 17/09/2015
After weeks of heated political noise, the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a step closer to being implemented with the enabling legislation introduced into the Australian Parliament on Wednesday 16 September. Read more
Date posted: 02/09/2015
Few industries are impacted by industrial action as often or as significantly as freight and logistics. Industrial action slows supply chains, increase costs and can cause significant losses. Now the dust has settled on the recent Hutchison industrial dispute, the key question is: will your terms and conditions protect you from claims by your customers? Read more
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