Taking the hard work out of game development

Hunt & Hunt has more than 90 years in providing expert legal advice to all forms of businesses. Over this time, we have seen how making and playing games has changed, and our dedicated lawyers are able to help you develop, design, publish your games.

Keeping you on the best bits of the game

We understand each creator is different, you might be starting out, or you might have made a few games before. You might not even be a developer but a group that advocates for the gaming community, at the grass roots levels or even at the government policy level.

Specialist advice to suit your needs

Different creators have different needs. Whether its advice regarding structuring your business, your contracts with your suppliers or customers, or perhaps its your IP or even selling your business afterwards – the team at Hunt & Hunt are your experts.

The best games are with teams

Hunt & Hunt works to understand you and your business. Our lawyers get that a board game today isn’t the same as the one your family played on those vacations to that far away holiday house. We understand a game on a phone does not have the same experience as the same game on a console. We appreciate the nuance of story telling in games and the creativity that goes into the art, sound, and writing of your work.

Our experience allows us to focus on what’s important to you: making your game a reality.

Part of the games community

Hunt & Hunt are in your community. When we aren’t levelling up our clients, we are out and about speaking at industry events and panels. Ever wanted to know what a lawyer thinks about issues in the games industry? Well drop us a line and we can come along to your event!

Stay connected

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