Cappello Rowe to join Hunt & Hunt

Cappello Rowe to join Hunt & Hunt

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce that from 1st October 2020, Hunt & Hunt Lawyers will merge with Cappello Rowe Lawyers. This huge opportunity will allow for both firms to expand, grow and provide more extensive service and legal support to our clients and contacts.

Regarding some of the practical elements of this merge:

  • The merger will officially take place as at 1st October 2020.
  • Cappello Rowe Sydney team will join the Hunt & Hunt offices in their new Bligh Street offices from 19th October.
  • All Hunt & Hunt team members are remaining in their current roles and will continue to support our clients with the same level of personalised service that you expect.
  • Hunt & Hunt will expand our footprint into regional NSW by joining the Cappello Rowe Griffith office. This will allow for further growth in this region.
  • We are excited to add Cappello Rowe’s Commercial Law, Employment Law and Family Law teams to expand our practice areas.

Most importantly for our clients

You will deal with exactly the same people as you always have. The only change will be that we will have access to more resources, expertise, and knowledge to support you better.

Why did Cappello Rowe choose to merge with Hunt & Hunt? Hunt & Hunt is a much larger and better resourced firm than Cappello Rowe. Hunt & Hunt brings a national footprint and a more substantial level of legal experience and expertise. This merger allows Cappello Rowe to offer a greater legal service and support to our clients. The result makes Cappello Rowe a better firm for our clients and contacts.

Why did Hunt & Hunt choose to merge with Cappello Rowe? Cappello Rowe bring extensive skills, knowledge and resources in Family Law, Commercial Litigation and Property Law. This merger allows Hunt & Hunt to offer greater legal service and support to our clients. The result makes Hunt & Hunt a better firm for our clients and contacts.

Jim and all our partners are extremely excited about this merger and hope that you, our clients and contacts join us in celebrating this great news. We greatly look forward to continuing to work closely together.


Image: Sarah Cappello, Partner at Cappello Rowe, and Jim Harrowell AM, Managing Partner of Hunt & Hunt are excited about the potential the merger can bring to both firms and our joint client base.


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