Clean Up Australia – 29 Years of Caring for Our Environment

Clean Up Australia – 29 Years of Caring for Our Environment

Thirty years ago Clean Up Sydney Harbour was conceived by yachtsman Ian Kiernan. After its inaugural success, Clean Up Australia began its operations in 1990. Fast forward to 2019 and Clean Up Australia is Australia’s largest community event with a range of activities held around the country that serve to bring communities together to care for, and conserve our environment. Communities, youth groups, businesses and schools all pitch in to clear the landscape of rubbish and make Australia a healthier and more pristine environment in which to live. Hunt & Hunt has been proudly providing ongoing pro bono advice to Clean Up Australia for 12 years.

For Hunt & Hunt Partner Brett Hearnden, it has been an impressive 30 year journey:

“We never cease to be amazed at the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make this event a success year after year. We wish the team at Clean Up Australia Day all the best for another productive weekend making our communities a cleaner and safer place to live. Hunt & Hunt is honoured to once again be the pro bono legal provider for this event.”

Clean Up Australia Day takes place this Sunday 3 March 2019. There are still opportunities to get involved if you think you might be able to spare some time to help in your local area.

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