Community Support in Times of Crisis

Community Support in Times of Crisis

With lockdown in full effect and the pandemic showing no sign of clearing, many in the community are continuing to do it tough. While few of us find lockdown easy, it is important to remember that for many the last 18 months has not just meant less dancing and more Netflix, but job losses, pay cuts, service reductions and relationship strain. Now more than ever, it is vital that businesses and individuals who have the ability to do so work together to support those in need, and help pull each other through this most challenging period in recent memory.

For the past few years, Hunt & Hunt has partnered with The Northern Centre, a non-government organisation and registered charity in West Ryde, to provide free, confidential legal advice to people in the Northern Sydney area on matters of family law. Often, clients presenting to this clinic are in unstable relationships; victims of family or domestic violence; immigrants to Australia with little to no support network; or have limited knowledge of English or the Australian system of law. Sometimes they don’t know if a lawyer’s needed; sometimes they know they need one, but simply can’t afford it. Through individual 40-45 minute sessions in person or by phone, our lawyers are able to go over each person’s situation with them, explain legal processes and options under the law, and offer holistic advice about what someone’s next steps should be.

The Legal Clinic is just one of the many great services The Northern Centre is able to offer. The Centre also:

  • Helps people with remaining in their current home or securing new accommodation;
  • Provides financial counselling;
  • Organises supported playgroups for single parents and families in a variety of languages;
  • Runs parenting programs to help parents build positive parenting skills; and
  • Arranges referrals to other community assistance programs and services.

The staff at The Northern Centre work tirelessly to assist the people of their local community, and it is the privilege of Hunt & Hunt Lawyers to be able to contribute to that assistance in our own small way. Legal clinics are held every Thursday afternoon, and can provide advice on matters including family or domestic violence, post-separation property division, parenting arrangements, child and spousal support, and divorce. Interpreters are offered for non‑English speaking clients, and during normal operation childcare is also available during appointment times on request. If you or someone you know would like to book into the clinic, or otherwise is in need of the help the Centre offers, please call The Northern Centre directly on 02 9334 0111.


Article prepared by: Benjamin Keyworth, Associate

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