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Date posted: 24/05/2018
On 10 May 2018, Mahony DCJ delivered a judgment in favour of the Defendant in the District Court of New South Wales concerning a claim for work injury damages by a former police officer. Read more
Date posted: 16/04/2018
Recently Nick Miller sat down with Heather Dawson of Business Essentials to discuss mergers and some of the key points to consider, legal and otherwise, when preparing a business for a merger. Read more
Date posted: 28/02/2018
The Australian Border Force (ABF) has released a statement setting out its compliance priorities for 2018. While each importer and exporter will have its own unique risk areas, the statement by the ABF highlights the areas that should be given closest attention. Read more
Date posted: 28/02/2018
If business dealings were predictable and everything went perfectly, we wouldn't need contracts. Often a contract is signed and buried in a drawer only to be seen again if the parties are in dispute. When that time comes your contract is worthless if it is not enforceable. Read more
Date posted: 28/02/2018
It is expected the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be signed on 8 March 2018. While Australia has free trade agreements with 9 of the 11 TPP members, the TPP still represents significant opportunities for exporters to Australia, and importers of Australian goods. Read more
Date posted: 06/07/2017
A round up of events in June 2017 Read more
Date posted: 09/06/2017
Jing Wang has joined Hunt & Hunt Victoria as China Practice Leader. Read more
Date posted: 30/05/2017
Electronic conveyancing update In this update – A National Mortgage Form about to be rolled out and Full steam ahead to implement an electronic environment. Read more
Date posted: 26/04/2017
Corporate Livewire has named Hunt & Hunt Partner Nick Miller as the Corporate Livewire Australian M&A Lawyer of the Year. Read more
Date posted: 11/04/2017
9 recent articles from Russell Wiese on Customs and Global Trade matters Read more
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