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Customs turns attention to those operating licensed premises

In recent Updates and e-alerts, we have referred to the actions by the Minister for Home Affairs and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (“Customs”) in response to perceived problems with crime, corruption and security at ports and airports and within the private supply chain.


The response has included the adoption of “Integrity Testing” for various Commonwealth officials and employees, increased Customs intervention and additional conditions being imposed in the licences to be issued shortly to licensed customs brokers.

Customs has now turned its attention to those operating licensed depots and warehouses (including duty free premises). To this effect, Customs issued Australian Customs and Border Protection Notice No. 2012/35 (“Notice”) yesterday afternoon which sets out new conditions to be imposed upon such licence holders. The ability to impose such new conditions was flagged by amendments to the Customs Act 1901 (“Act”) last year which amendments were subject to notice by us and discussions in various CBFCA forums. more...Download PDF
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