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Arie van der LeySenior Associate

Arie van der Ley, Hunt & Hunt Lawyer
Arie van der Ley
Arie is a member of the Environment and Planning Group at Hunt & Hunt. Arie's strong analytical and research skills and experience in town planning and development matters support his approach to advising clients and conducting matters in the NSW Land & Environment Court.

Arie works with developer clients advising in the area of planning law. Arie has been involved in a broad range of development and redevelopment projects including the expansion of education facilities, and, residential and multi-storey, mixed use developments.

Planning Matters

Arie's work involves dealing directly with Council officers, planners and legal representatives to assist clients in obtaining excellent built form and economic outcomes.

Arie has been engaged by clients at various project stages including from informal discussions to initial negotiations with Council and other interested parties, right through to the litigating of matters by way of proceedings in Class 1 of the Land and Environment Court. Arie has assisted in a range of development types including:

  • Single dwelling demolition and remodelling in a Heritage Conservation Area;  
  • Mixed-use development, and medium to high density housing in Blacktown City Council; 
  • School modification applications;  
  • 25 storey mixed use staged development application; and 
  • Construction of granny flats. 

In these matters, Arie utilises a combination of research and analytical skills in both the law and town planning areas to provide a holistic service for clients. Arie has also used these skills to deliver several presentations to Government and private clients in relation to the use of ePlanning and online spatial tools. He has contributed to a number of online planning articles on various topics including the Apartment Design Guide and waste regulation in New South Wales. Another article on misleading statements about waste was published in Keeping Good Companies.  

Arie regularly assists our property lawyers in undertaking research and due diligence work to review controls and potential development issues in real property transactions. 

Arie is currently finishing a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning where he has focused on urban renewal projects and sustainability.

Land Acquisition Matters

Arie has worked on a number of land acquisition matters for both government agencies and private land owners. He has assisted both litigated (in Class 3 of the Land and Environment Court) and non-litigated land acquisition matters.  A number of the matters Arie has assisted on have involved complex town planning issues due to the acquired property being in growth centre areas, which have impacted the land valuation.   

Additional Advisory 

Arie is also called on to advise in matters involving: 

  • Liquor licensing issues under the Liquor Act 2007
  • Questions of physical commencement of development consents  
  • Class 2 appeals relating to tree matters in the Land and Environment Court 
  • Modifications of existing consents  
  • Planning proposals and the Gateway process  
  • Development which is required to be assessed by a Planning Panel 
  • Applications relating to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007  
  • Natural, cultural and built heritage dealt with under the Heritage Act 1977 
  • Disputes regarding access to neighbouring land; and
  • Public access to information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. 

Prior to joining Hunt & Hunt, Arie completed his year of practical legal training at the Environmental Defender's Office New South Wales. 

Arie co-authored the Australian Chapter of the Interlaw publications, Renewable Energies (1st ed, 2015, Bruylant); and Nuclear Energy and Wastes (1st ed, 2017, Bruylant).

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Areas of practice
  • Environmental and Planning
  • Compulsory land acquisition
  • Local Government
  • Liquor licensing
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Masters of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Sydney (currently completing)
Memberships and appointments
  • Member, the Law Society of New South Wales
  • Member, Environment and Planning Law Association of New South Wales  
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