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Building and construction

Hunt & Hunt specialises in building and construction law and works with construction companies, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, planners and financiers to guide client projects from early planning to post-build stages.

Our building and construction lawyers negotiate and document contracts on behalf of engineering firms, builders and their customers in the areas of construction, infrastructure and mining. These contracts cover Australian standard construction, project management and maintenance agreements. We also advise on project management disputes and security for payment claims.

Our building and construction law experts have many years of experience advising on residential, commercial and industrial projects across the country, and have developed a deep understanding of local laws and regulations. This allows us to advise on governance, contract and enforcement requirements affecting building and construction projects in a range of jurisdictions.

We are experts in;

  • contract drafting, advice and enforcement; including standard form and special purpose agreements
  • tender preparation and advice
  • drafting joint venture, alliance and management agreements
  • advising on risk management and distribution
  • company prospectuses, public disclosure statements and project finance
  • advising on existing and planned legislation.

We can also advise on construction security for payment claims, development applications, professional liability and negligence, insurance claims and resolution, and debt recovery.


Our team can help resolve disputes quickly and commercially, or advise on the conduct of and representation at mediations. In addition, we have experience in traditional form litigation, as well as arbitration and adjudication. We have also provided representation in cases where clients have been prosecuted before the Building Practitioners Board, Building Appeals Board or other relevant industry authorities.

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