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Hunt & Hunt's long-term relationships with many federal, state and local government clients help us understand the unique challenges faced by clients in this sector.

We understand government clients are subject to intense scrutiny, and must always be seen to act fairly, reasonably and in the best interests of the public.

Hunt & Hunt's private sector lawyers have extensive experience working with government clients. Our team delivers transparent, accountable and timely legal services to numerous government organisations.

We appreciate that value for money is paramount for our public sector clients, which is why we carefully manage our overheads, keep you informed of legal spending and seek approval before carrying out work. All matters are managed to ensure cost-efficiency and we always ensure the most appropriate person handles your requirements.


Hunt & Hunt provides valuable and practical legal advice at all levels of government in a wide variety of areas, including administrative law; commercial and contract law; commercial projects and tenders; statutory interpretation of acts, regulations and local laws; and workplace law.

Find out more about our work for Commonwealth, state and local governments.

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