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Administrative reviews and disciplinary action

We regularly advise and represent our corporate and government clients in administrative proceedings before the Supreme Court, local courts, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Administrative Decisions Tribunal of New South Wales.

By forging close and long-standing relationships with clients, Hunt & Hunt has established a formidable track record in administrative proceedings.

For more than 20 years we have advised the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (previously NSW Roads and Traffic Authority) on its internal administrative decision-making processes. During this time, Hunt & Hunt has represented the NSW Roads and Maritime Services in several thousand administrative reviews.

Members of our legal team are appointed to the NSW Legal Representation Office, which was established by the NSW Government to provide independent legal assistance to people in their dealings with the NSW Police Integrity Commission (PIC) and the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Our lawyers frequently represent witnesses giving evidence before the PIC and ICAC.

We are experienced in the powers and processes applied by inquiries to order the production of documents and witness evidence, take live evidence, restrict public access, enforce powers and publish and issue reports.

The expertise of our lawyers also spans judicial reviews and merit reviews of administrative decisions, probity services, Freedom of Information, inquests and privacy.

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