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Compulsory third party

Hunt & Hunt's longstanding insurance practice is one of Australia's finest. Our lawyers are experts in defending compulsory third party claims and act for some of Australia's largest compulsory third party insurers.

Hunt & Hunt's compulsory third party (CTP) specialists have significant experience advising businesses on CTP insurance claims. We are proactive and dedicated, and always transparent in our dealings with clients.

Our work includes standard, complex, major, catastrophic, infant and fraud claims, as well as test cases. We also advise on insurance liability and causation issues, compensation to relative claims, recovery actions and indemnity issues.

To help our clients manage costs while fostering cooperation and resolution, our insurance lawyers have devised a range of best practice CTP legal and business strategies.

Leaders in compulsory third party insurance

Within our national insurance practice, our CTP lawyers have a deep knowledge of the Australian insurance industry, and stay up to date on all issues and development relating to CTP.

In South Australia we regularly produce a free Compulsory Third Party Handbook, which summarises all relevant legislation, scales and multipliers, as well as information necessary for the fast handling of claims. We provide this highly sought-after guide to our clients and to opposing lawyers. We have been praised by the CTP industry for the spirit of cooperation this handbook inspires.

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