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Melbourne Metro Rail Project


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The proposed Melbourne Metro Rail Project and Tunnel is expected to be the biggest infrastructure project in Victoria since the City Loop.

On 22 September 2015, the Victorian State Government announced that hundreds of properties would be subject to compulsory acquisition in order to construct the nine kilometre Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel. 

The proposed Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel includes the construction of five new stations: Arden, Parkville, CBD North, CBD South and Domain.

The planning process is well underway and geotechnical testing of properties commenced in April 2015. 

Construction is expected to commence in 2018, but we anticipate land will be compulsorily acquired well before this time.

The newly created Melbourne Metro Rail Authority is responsible for delivering the project.


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Some landowners, tenants and businesses whose land may be compulsorily acquired have already been notified by the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority. We expect confirmation by Christmas 2015 as to which properties will be compulsorily acquired.

If your property or business is in the vicinity of the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel, you may be facing compulsory acquisition by the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority.


The Melbourne Property Disputes and Compulsory Acquisition team at Hunt & Hunt Lawyers has a wealth of experience in dealing with Victorian compulsory acquisition matters, including the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.

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We aim to maximise your compensation and protect your rights resulting from the effects of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.

The legislation governing the compulsory acquisition process includes the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Vic) and the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 (Vic). The legislation entitles you to claim compensation in relation to a range of items which can include claims arising from:

  • the loss of your property
  • the loss of your leasehold interest
  • disruption to your business
  • inconvenience you have suffered
  • legal expenses
  • valuation expenses
  • other professional expenses, for instance obtaining a planning or traffic report
  • tax implications such as stamp duty or capital gains tax

To assess your claim, it is important that you obtain independent legal and valuation advice and any other experts required. The law entitles you to obtain independent advice and to seek payment of these costs directly from the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority.

As experienced practitioners in the compulsory acquisition sphere, we offer arrangements so you can be assured that you are not out of pocket for your legal and professional costs.


At Hunt & Hunt Lawyers, our experienced compulsory acquisition team members have advised hundreds of clients facing compulsory acquisition. Our accessible and knowledgeable team can navigate you through the entire process.

As a leading firm, trusted with numerous compulsory acquisition matters from small easements to large scale acquisitions, we assist by:

  • engaging an independent expert valuer experienced in compulsory acquisition disputes
  • reviewing all aspects of your property or business to ensure all issues are taken into account, including the development potential, heritage and traffic considerations
  • advising you on the taxation and business implications arising from the compulsory acquisition
  • ensuring you are not out of pocket for any legal, valuation or town planning costs associated with your claim for compensation


If you think you may be facing compulsory acquisition or disruption as a result of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project,
you are invited to arrange a confidential discussion with us, on an obligation free basis.


We invite you to make arrangements for a meeting by contacting:  


Anton DunhillPartner 
Head of the Victorian Property Disputes and 
Compulsory Acquisitions team
(03) 8602 9254 | Mobile 0413 268 663
E: [email protected]

Sebastian Greenway
(03) 8602 9247
E: [email protected]

Anna Shaw
(LLB, BA) Legal Assistant
(03) 8602 9232
E: [email protected]

Map indicating Authority’s generic alignment.

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