Estate Planning

We provide clear advice that best reflects your individual situation, making plans for your estate which has your, and your family’s, interests at heart.

Estate Planning

We take the time to get to know you, your circumstances and wishes and step you through each step of the estate planning process to ensure you and your family are protected.

Our team can prepare a comprehensive estate plan that ensures you retain control of your assets and decide who will make decisions on your behalf in the event of physical or mental disability, injury, illness or death.

We advise on the best ways to structure your asset holdings, whether they be individual, or for families or businesses.

Our lawyers prepare Wills, Codicils, Powers of Attorney, medical decision maker appointments and advanced health directives, ensuring your wishes will be met.


Preparing a Will and knowing it is properly constructed Will give you peace of mind and help ensure your assets are managed exactly as you intend.

We understand that your situation and expectations can change over time. Our team can review your Will and other documentation to ensure they meet your needs and wishes.

Powers of Attorney & Medical Treatment Decisions

We can provide you with advice and assist you in making an informed decision by guiding you through what you need to consider when making an Enduring Power of Attorney and appointing who you would like to make medical treatment decisions on your behalf, in the event you are unable to.


Trusts can provide a high level of protection from risk. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of discretionary, unit and testamentary trusts.

Our experts can develop the legal framework and documents to establish trusts and self-managed superannuation funds, as well as assisting you in all aspects of trust administration.

We can ensure your trust deed is up-to-date and best protects you from any risk.

Our team can also advise on family and charitable trusts and foundations.

Special Disability & Protective Trusts

These trusts provide for the ongoing care, accommodation and expenses of vulnerable beneficiaries who may have a severe disability or medical condition.

Aside from providing peace of mind, these trusts ensure the beneficiary’s needs will be met on an ongoing basis in the future.

A beneficiary must meet the certain which may require an assessment to ensure they qualify under the relevant legislation. There may also be benefits available under social security or tax provisions.

Our team can assist you to evaluate whether a Special Disability or Protective Trust will be suitable to your circumstances and, if appropriate assist you to draft and establish the trust.

We can also work with you to ensure you meet the ongoing review requirements of any arrangements.

How can Hunt & Hunt help?

We know that everyone’s personal situation is unique.  Our experienced Wills & Estate team offer new clients a complimentary consultation of up to 30 minutes to get to know and understand you and your needs, to allow us to provide you with the best advice regarding your estate planning.  Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you.

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