Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Hunt & Hunt litigation and dispute resolution experts can help you resolve commercial disputes with minimal impact on your business.

We provide practical advice and devise litigation strategies that enable you to realistically determine your chances of success. Our objective is always to help you avoid disputes and costly court cases. Before launching into the litigation process, we'll apply our mediation and negotiation skills to secure an early, cost effective resolution.

Hunt & Hunt's litigation team differs from other practices. Our lawyers regularly appear as advocates, which means we don't need to spend time briefing counsel. This effectively reduces time to litigation and client costs. We specialise in:

  • administrative law
  • arbitration
  • commissions and inquiries
  • competition and trade practices litigation
  • construction disputes
  • consumer protection
  • commercial disputes
  • insolvency and debt litigation

Our clients come from the corporate, private and public sectors and represent many industries. We also act for several Australian Government and state government agencies.

Prevention Strategies to Reduce Risk

In the past, companies viewed dispute resolution as a reactive process, but smart businesses now realise they can implement prevention and risk management strategies to protect against costly litigation. We have helped many clients create practical dispute resolution procedures that form part of their corporate risk prevention and management strategies.


Commercial dispute resolution

Our dispute resolution specialists help devise cost-effective and practical outcomes that are directed towards the early resolution of disputes. These processes will often include mediation. We keep clients involved throughout the dispute resolution process, including the planning and risk-assessment phases.

We ensure our clients are actively involved throughout the planning and risk-assessment stages of their disputes. This ensures that realistic goals are set and the best commercial outcomes are achieved.


Commercial litigation

Hunt and Hunt's lawyers handle many litigation and arbitration matters from single-issue injunction cases to multi-million dollar disputes. We have managed cases at every level of the court system, including state supreme courts, the Federal Court of Australia and The High Court of Australia.

Man is signing on a paper.

Debt litigation

We have extensive experience in debt litigation, and practise in all Australian courts and jurisdictions. Our litigation and dispute resolution specialists work with banks and other financial institutions as well as public and private sector organisations.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyers