Healthcare, Biotech & Biopharma

Hunt & Hunt have extensive experience in the healthcare, biotech and biopharma industry, including aged care, private and public hospital care, telehealth and medical sectors.

We provide legal services to some of Australia's most prominent health and aged care organisations and work closely with a range of biotech companies: from industry giants to promising starts ups.

We understand the multifaceted issues that affect the industry which is undergoing a rapid global growth spurt: from continuous technological advances including telehealth, innovation and emergence of ground-breaking medical treatments and medical devices to catering for ageing population; from the cultural shift towards 'healthy living' to growing mental health awareness; from supply chain challenges to workforce shortages.

We have developed strong relationships with peak bodies and key professionals to ensure we are at the forefront of the biotech trends and have our finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry.

With in-depth knowledge of Australian legislation and government policies that regulate biotech, biopharma and healthcare, our lawyers have provided strategic, tailored advice to a variety of commercial and non-for-profit organisations, research and development institutions (including universities), global pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical practitioners and biotech start ups.

Our clients include allied health service providers, area health services, industry associations, public and private hospitals, specialist health providers, and private health insurers, among others.

We can assist across any stage of a business lifecycle including capital raising (private or public), protection of IP, product commercialisation and product liability, regulatory approvals, market penetration via natural growth or mergers and acquisitions, all the way to an exit event, be it an initial public offering (IPO), a scheme of arrangement for public listed or unlisted companies, or a sale of shares or assets.