Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) law is complex and constantly evolving. Clients regularly call on our intellectual property lawyers to protect their trade marks, patents, confidential information, copyright and designs.

Hunt & Hunt provides intellectual property services for national and multinational businesses, private clients and the public sector across a diverse range of industries, professions and fields including building and construction, agriculture, education, entertainment, customs, professional services, computers and technology, retail, transport and healthcare.

Confidential information

Information of a confidential nature is protected from disclosure. However, it is sometimes necessary to disclose confidential information to a third party, such as for the purpose of commercialisation or a joint venture. Before confidential information is disclosed to a third party, a confidentiality agreement should be entered into.

Hunt & Hunt can assist with preparation of confidentiality agreements and the management of disputes relating to breaches of confidence.

Intellectual property is increasingly valuable and important to protect.


Trade marks

Trade marks is the protection of business names, product and services names, logos and slogans.

We can assist with all aspects of trade marks including:

  • Australian and overseas registration
  • Periodic registration review and updates where the mark changes
  • Monitoring and responding to competitor use or opposing registration of similar trade marks
  • Licensing and assigning trade marks.

We also assist with related issues such as domain name registrations/cancellations and parallel imports.



Copyright is the protection of various things including literature, computer software, artistic works, engineering and architectural drawings, music, films, dramatic works, buildings and works of artistic craftsmanship.

While copyright begins at the time of the creation of the work and that protection is automatic, there are steps that can be taken to improve copyright protection. Hunt & Hunt assist copyright owners by:

  • Drafting appropriately worded copyright notices
  • Commencing infringement proceedings
  • Preventing and responding to parallel imports
  • Assignment and licensing.

Patents and designs

Patents protect the way inventions work while designs protect the appearance of products and packaging.

The value of your unique invention or design depends on your ability to prevent its unauthorised use by others. Early and appropriate patent or design registration, both in Australia and internationally, is crucial to realising the return on your ingenuity.

Hunt & Hunt can assist clients with:

  • advice on how, where and the best time to register designs and patents
  • infringement proceedings to protect your registered patent or design
  • registration of designs
  • assignment and licensing.