Family Law: Custody Arrangements Over Christmas

Family Law: Custody Arrangements Over Christmas

Preparing for the festive season can be a frantic and stressful time for everyone, but can be especially difficult for those with separated families. If you and your partner are separated, knowing the answers to the following questions ahead of time can help minimise conflict and avoid a last-minute rush to Court.

  • What are the care arrangements for your children for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day?
  • What are the care arrangements for the summer holidays generally?
  • Have you provided or been given the details of any holiday trips you or the other parent are planning on taking the children on?

Being prepared can mean the difference between enjoyment and disaster. Other tips to keep in mind which can help ensure smooth sailing are:

  • If the children are going to be with you for long stretches of time, make sure they’re able to regularly call or Facetime the other parent.
  • Make sure that you and any friends or relatives who might be visiting don’t say bad things to the children about the other parent or talk to them about the Court case (even after a few drinks at Christmas lunch).
  • Don’t post mean, sarcastic or hurtful things on Facebook or social media – not only is it a bad look, but it’s not in the Christmas spirit.

Unfortunately, sometimes things just go wrong or can’t be resolved. If you need help negotiating arrangements, or if the worst should happen, contact our experienced Family Law team at Hunt & Hunt for legal assistance and help get your holidays back on track.

Article prepared by: Benjamin Keyworth – Associate, Sydney