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Federal Government to get tougher on the control of ports, airports and those licensed by Customs

In the last edition of Air Cargo magazine, my article addressed some stories in the Fairfax media and media releases by the Minister for Home Affairs (“Minister”) which referred to concerns as to potential corruption of Government officials and misuse of the Integrated Cargo System (“ICS”) used by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (“Customs”) for the reporting of cargo movement in and out of Australia.


The article foreshadowed the types of actions which I believed that Government would be likely to introduce. As it turns out, many of those predictions seem to have been proved as correct and following additional stories in the Fairfax media late in May the Government has announced additional measures to further enhance its control over the use of the ICS, those its employs in its agencies and those providing services in the private supply chain at ports and airports.. more...Download PDF



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