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Customs unveil new conditions to be included in licences for customs brokers

In our recent Customs Trade & Transport updates and articles in Air Cargo magazine, we referred to the likely impacts on industry from the recent announcements by the Minister for Home Affairs regarding increased control on cargo and those handling and the reporting of its movement through the supply chain.



One of the significant changes for industry was to be the inclusion of revised and additional conditions in licences for customs brokers. As many readers would be aware, customs brokers are subject to a licensing regime under the Customs Act 1901 (“Act”) as are the operators of many “customs controlled premises” such as warehouses and depots. By way of comparison, others operating within the supply chain in handling cargo and who also report the movement of cargo in the integrated cargo system (“ICS”), such as freight forwarders and those who make Self-Assessed Clearance Declarations are not so more...Download PDF



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