The Strategic Moves in Tiger Woods’ New Brand Launch and Trademark Insights

The Strategic Moves in Tiger Woods’ New Brand Launch and Trademark Insights

We are excited to bring you the latest article, which delves into the intriguing world of trademark law and brand strategy, spotlighting the recent developments involving Tiger Woods and his new venture.

Tiger Woods and Nike Part Ways: A New Chapter Begins

This year marked a significant transition in the world of sports endorsements as Tiger Woods ended his long-standing partnership with Nike. This change has paved the way for an exciting new venture in Woods’ illustrious career.


Launch of SUN DAY RED Brand

In a bold move, Tiger Woods launched his brand new label, SUN DAY RED, yesterday, complete with a distinctive tiger icon. This launch is not just a statement in the fashion and lifestyle sector but also in the sports world, as Woods is set to compete in upcoming tournaments under his new brand.


Strategic Trademark Filings in Australia

In a noteworthy strategic move, trademarks for ‘SUNDAY RED’, ‘SUN DAY RED’, and the tiger logos were filed in Australia as early as January 18, 2024. These filings were made in the name of TaylorMade Lifestyle Ventures LLC, indicating a potential joint venture rather than a personal ownership by Woods. This partnership could signify a significant shift in brand strategy and marketing in the sports and lifestyle domain.


Insight: Pre-Launch Trademark Applications

An interesting aspect of this development is the timing of the trademark filings. These applications were filed well before the public launch of the SUN DAY RED brand. This move underscores a crucial strategy in brand protection and intellectual property rights. Filing for trademarks prior to a public launch not only secures the brand’s legal rights but also fortifies its market position against potential infringements.

This case serves as a vital reminder for businesses and individuals alike to consider the importance of early trademark applications. It’s a proactive approach to protect your brand’s identity and legal rights, even before the brand or logo is publicly launched.

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Written by Tyrone Walker, Special Counsel at Hunt & Hunt Lawyers