What happens to your Trade mark if you don’t use it?

What happens to your Trade mark if you don’t use it?

Trade marks play a crucial role in the business world by distinguishing the goods or services of one entity from those of another. However, owning a trade mark comes with responsibilities, one of the most significant being the requirement to use and maintain the mark actively. Failure to do so can result in losing valuable trade mark rights. In this article, we will explore the concept of non-use and how trade mark owners can inadvertently lose their trade marks due to inactivity.

The Importance of Trade Mark Use

Trade mark rights are not granted indefinitely; they require continuous and genuine use to remain valid. The primary purpose of a trade mark is to identify the source of goods or services and to distinguish them from others in the marketplace. If a trade mark owner fails to use their mark, it undermines the very essence of trade mark protection, and the trade mark may be at risk of removal.

Who can remove a trade mark?

In Australia, the non-use of a trade mark for a continuous period of three years can expose it to potential removal on grounds of non-use. This stipulation is in place to ensure that registered trade marks accurately represent ongoing commercial activity, preventing the accumulation of dormant or inactive marks within the registry. Any individual or entity has the right to approach IP Australia to request the removal of a trade mark based on non-use.

In practical terms, if you neglect to utilise your trade mark within the specified timeframe, others have the option to initiate proceedings for its removal. This underscores the significance of actively engaging with and utilising your trade mark to uphold its legal protection and mitigate the likelihood of facing challenges.

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Written by Tyrone Walker, Special Counsel at Hunt & Hunt Lawyers.