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Courting publicity? Trade mark disputes in the news?

This article was first published in the Lexis Nexis Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin April 2012 Volume 24 No 9

Of four Australian trade mark disputes that generated headlines last year, one was from the world of sport, one from retail (hardware), one from fashion and one from swimwear. All obtained free publicity for their new ventures or established brands. This article provides an overview of each dispute.

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“Bombers in the line of Ire” 

The Brisbane Bombers are in the race to secure a place as the 17th NRL club, if the NRL competition expands in 2013. There are other contenders as well, such as the other Queensland bid known as the “Western Corridor”. In launching their brand on 14 July the Brisbane Bombers courted immediate controversy with the AFL’s Essendon Bombers, a club with a 130 year history, objecting in the press to the use of their nickname, despite there being ample precedent for this...Download full PDF

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