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Cyberspace is no longer a lawless world

A topic of much heated debate out in the online community and through the realms of cyberspace is whether there is a social media law? Although there is no Social Media Act or Social Networking Act, it is important to recognise that the laws that apply in the real world also apply in cyberspace and that what you do with social media can have real world legal consequences.


The reality that laws in the real world can have an impact in cyberspace has been confirmed in one of Australia’s first social networking-related convictions. Ravshan “Ronnie” Usmanov posted 6 nude photos of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook. Usmanov was originally sentenced to six months imprisonment by way of Home Detention. On appeal by Usmanov, the District Court confirmed the defendant’s sentence of imprisonment, but quashed the Home Detention Order and ordered that the sentence be suspended...

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