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FTAs made simple


NSW Premier's Export Awards

Hunt & Hunt has helped the Export Council of Australia (ECA) to develop the "FTA Tool", a website for Australian exporters that simplifies the use of the 10 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) signed between Australia and other nations.

The new FTA Tool is designed to help Australian exporters navigate the basics of Australia's FTAs quickly and easily, increasing utilisation of FTAs.



We are also proud to be supporting the Premier's NSW Export Awards and encourage all NSW business engaged in international business to apply and be recognised for your export success.

Latest News

Additional duty for foreign purchasers of residential property in Victoria: a potential trap for discretionary trusts
Earlier this year the Victorian government made changes to the Duties Act 2000 (Vic) (Act) to impose an additional 3% of duty on foreign purchasers of Victorian land used or intended to be used as residential property. These changes, which apply to contracts, transactions, agreements and arrangements (which may also include nominations of foreign purchasers) entered into and settled on or after 1 July 2015, have significant reach, particularly when it comes to discretionary trusts (including family trusts).
What (and where) to know about new recommended apartment sizes in NSW
New state planning rules in NSW have freed up design options for multi residential units in NSW to help improve housing affordability and supply.
TPP - The world's largest regional trade agreement negotiated
Negotiators have announced that an agreement has been reached regarding the terms of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a regional trade agreement potentially covering 40% of global GDP. However, from an Australian trade in goods perspective, the TPP outcomes will be nominal, and possibility negative for our exporters.
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