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Hunt & Hunt Legal Group adds Brisbane-based Nicholsons Solicitors to its national network.



When you engage Hunt & Hunt, you access a vast pool of talented lawyers who are passionate about providing astute advice to organisations and private clients.

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Australia's new regulatory benchmark: ASIC's 2014-15 Strategic Outlook
Promoting investor and financial consumer confidence will stimulate changes to the regulatory environment in Australia. With a renewed focus on financial product design, distribution and disclosure, Australia's financial services and market regulator will adopt a 'detect, understand and respond' approach to non-compliance
Allocating risk: the advantages of an indemnity and practical tips for a pain-free indemnity negotiation
Indemnities are usually one of the most dreaded, emotive and time-consuming topics in contract negotiations.
Free Trade Agreement doesn't equal risk free trade: six tips for doing business with China
The China Australia Free Trade Agreement will further open China as an attractive marketplace for business and investment, with greater access to China’s $10 trillion economy which currently has a growth rate of around 7.7% per year.
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