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NSW Premier's Export Awards

Hunt & Hunt has helped the Export Council of Australia (ECA) to develop the "FTA Tool", a website for Australian exporters that simplifies the use of the 10 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) signed between Australia and other nations.

The new FTA Tool is designed to help Australian exporters navigate the basics of Australia's FTAs quickly and easily, increasing utilisation of FTAs.



We are also proud to be supporting the Premier's NSW Export Awards and encourage all NSW business engaged in international business to apply and be recognised for your export success.

Latest News

New intellectual property considerations for exporting to the United States
Recent free trade agreements with China, Korea and Japan are getting a lot of attention from Australian exporters. However, the lure of the United States (US) remains strong, with a recent survey showing it is still the number one new target market for Australian exporters. With no language barriers and similar cultures, trade with the US should be relatively easy. However, a recent case demonstrates trade difficulties that flow from the US concept of protecting intellectual property (IP).
Environment Protection Authority v Alcobell Pty Ltd, Environment Protection Authority v Campbell [2015] NSWLEC 123 (Pain J)
The bulk haulage company Alcobell Pty Ltd (Alcobell) and its director, Mr Campbell, were fined a total of $87,000 by Justice Pain of the NSW Land and Environment Court over waste transport and dumping offences and for providing false or misleading information to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
Full Bench considers child protection legislation in denying unfair dismissal claim
In this edition we provide an update on the case featured in Lessons learned from teacher unfair dismissal claims about an interesting decision involving a school religious education coordinator ("GM") who was suspended and stood down by the Catholic Education Office ("CEO") after he was charged by police with a number of serious sexual assault offences involving a child under 10 and a child younger than 16.
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