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NSW Premier's Export Awards

Hunt & Hunt has helped the Export Council of Australia (ECA) to develop the "FTA Tool", a website for Australian exporters that simplifies the use of the 10 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) signed between Australia and other nations.

The new FTA Tool is designed to help Australian exporters navigate the basics of Australia's FTAs quickly and easily, increasing utilisation of FTAs.



We are also proud to be supporting the Premier's NSW Export Awards and encourage all NSW business engaged in international business to apply and be recognised for your export success.

Latest News

6 important customs and trade developments you should know– and only one of them is the China FTA!
The China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is the customs and trade topic dominating headlines at the moment, and it makes sense given China is our biggest trading partner. However, there are a number of other recent and important customs and trade developments that impact importers and exporters, which we have set out below.
The new rules on annual leave for award covered employees
In a decision that received relatively little media attention recently, the Fair Work Commission ("FWC") has made a significant ruling that will affect annual leave entitlements and how excessive annual leave accruals may be dealt with, for employees covered by Modern Awards.
Dodgy repair, drastic injury: residential occupier not liable
Court of Appeal upholds use of local handyman for minor repairs. Fabre -v- Lui [2015] NSW CA 157 A judgment obtained by Hunt & Hunt Lawyers - acting for the insurer of a residential occupier, where a subsequent tenant sustained significant injury from prior defective repair work - has been upheld on appeal. The Court held that the residential occupier had not breached the duty she owed to the prospective tenant by engaging a handyman sourced from an ad in the local newspaper without further enquiry as to his trade qualifications or experience.
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